Dockside and Perennia partner to make nutritious pet food from rescued fresh food


In Nova Scotia, Dockside Pet Products and Services partnered with Perennia Food and Agriculture to create pet food products using local ingredients from rescued fresh food and sustainable sources. Pet food products account for nearly 40 percent of annual pet owner spending, but the trend toward “human grade” pet food is putting that industry in increasing competition with the human food supply chain. Further, North Americans waste up to 40 percent of all food produced, including 20 percent of produce and 11 percent of seafood during the farming and fishing stages.

The first generation of pet treats, meal mixers, and meal toppers is using wild-caught capelin, farmed crickets, Atlantic lobster shell, and ‘waste’ cauliflower and blueberries.  Each ingredient was chosen for its high nutritional value and environmental sustainability by targeting fresh foods that typically go to waste. Purchasing that otherwise worthless food helps local farmers and fishers get maximum value for their products.