Zipongo receives $18 million to expand nutriomics science and leverage food as medicine


In California, Zipongo received $18 million to further develop nutriomics and behavioral science to enable health providers and disease management systems to leverage food as medicine. Bringing total financing to $28 million, this Series B was led by Mayfield and joined by existing Zipongo investors, including Series A lead, Excel Venture Management.

Over 150 companies and the majority of national health plans and wellness platforms work with Zipongo. Their existing Food Benefits Management products and services has led to a 120 percent revenue increase, year over year, since third quarter of 2015.

The new funding empowers Zipongo, its partners and their consenting study participants to expand on research and development driving the study of personalizing food recommendations based on bodily measures of genetics, metabolomics, immune-response and the microbiome, and a person’s nutrition status, food buying, tastes and food environment. The goal is to make it easier to consistently select and buy healthy food.