Corbion highlights marshmallow innovation


In the Netherlands, Corbion’s non-fat, coated malic acid powder is enabling marshmallows with new flavor profiles. Peter van Paridon, Corbion’s Global Industry Director of Food & Beverage, tells FoodIngredientsFirst that acid-sanding the outside of the S’mores mainstay with a combination of sugar and the company’s PURAC Powder MA can produce marshmallows with an instantaneous, very strong, and long-lasting  sour taste—which fits the current trend towards “bold, exotic flavors.”

Many coated acids used in confectionery applications employ fat-coating technology, but these can have taste and moisture-uptake issues. Van Paridon says marshmallows are especially tricky because fat-coated acids are likely to migrate into the candy, causing collapse of the foam structure and diluted flavor. “With our new ingredient, you can make marshmallows with a very strong sour flavor, which fits with current consumer trends,” he adds.

The coating technology used in Purac Powder MA is presently being used on other food acids to improve stability, eliminate hygroscopicity, and enable fast flavor release.  Some of these are expected to be available in 2017, van Paridon says.