S2G BioChem teams with Mondelēz International for sweet results


In Canada, S2G BioChem signed a license and collaboration agreement with Mondelēz International to commercialize a sustainably-sourced supply of the food ingredient xylitol using a proprietary co-production technology. S2G’s conversion technology uses sustainably-sourced renewable plant materials to concurrently produce two bio-based products – xylitol and bioglycols. Xylitol is valued for its distinct flavor while containing only one-third the calories of table sugar; and bioglycols are sustainable drop-in replacements for petrochemicals that can be used to make products including packaging, lotions and liquid detergents.

“Today is a major leap forward for S2G and the bioeconomy in terms of meeting performance and cost targets for bioglycols and high-value specialty products such as xylitol,” said Mark Kirby, President and CEO of S2G Biochem. “We are extremely excited about this continuing collaboration with Mondelēz International as we enter the next stage of our critical path to build a commercial production facility and provide an ongoing revenue stream for our investors.”