PrecisionHawk and Ruralco partner to bring drones to Australian agriculture


In Australia, Ruralco partnered with PrecisionHawk to offer drones and aerial imaging data packages at all of its retail locations. PrecisionHawk opened an office in Sydney to provide direct customer support.

We are always looking for new and innovative technologies that will help our clients work more effectively and efficiently. We believe that the launch of a local, PrecisionHawk office will help to more widely propel the adoption of drone technology by our clients and optimize how the agriculture industry uses aerial data,” said Travis Dillon, CEO & Managing Director, Ruralco.

“Australia is a key market for many of our clients and we are pleased to add the country to our global services portfolio,” said Christopher Dean, president and co-founder of PrecisionHawk.

PrecisionHawk will offer its full suite of products including aerial imaging platforms, data management and analytics and proprietary drone safety platform. Some use cases include identifying plant health, transmission line inspection, insurance claims process and shark scouting.