Would You Like That in Plastic or Bioplastic? Braskem Providing Bakery with Biobased Packaging


In Sweden, Polarbröd, the country’s third largest bakery, decided to replace the usual oil based plastic films and packaging with the greener biobased bio-polyethylene from Brazilian-based Braskem. The biomaterial is made from sugarcane and has a pretty impressive negative carbon footprint as sugarcane actually captures CO2 as it grows each year. This choice was easy for the fifth generation bakery which prides itself on sustainable practices, even though it is more expensive packaging than what they had before. Marco Jansen, Braskem’s Commercial Director of Renewable Chemicals Europe & North America told Plastics Today that “Braskem is really excited to have Polarbröd as a partner and to see their commitment to sustainability by introducing green PE into their full product range, a scale not yet seen in bakeries anywhere in the world.”