Draganfly Innovations partners with Corning to flight test a new hyperspectral sensor on a drone for precision agriculture uses


In Canada, Draganfly Innovations and Optical Filter Corporation, a Corning company, will integrate a new miniaturized, advanced hyperspectral imaging system with Draganfly’s UAVs.The system includes a hyperspectral sensor, INS-GPS, and on-board computer for system management and recording of imagery and navigation data. Data collected by this system can be used to identify specific vegetation species, determine relative crop health, develop irrigation strategies and create yield optimization strategies.

Corning’s system combines high spectral and spatial resolution in a form factor small enough and light enough to mount on commercial drone platforms. Draganfly will integrate the system onto the Draganflyer Commander, develop a motorized 2-axis gimbal specifically for Corning’s system and conduct flight tests in California.

Draganfly CEO, Cameron Chell said, “We are excited to provide our customers, specifically those in agriculture, with an easy way to take advantage of hyperspectral imaging to monitor the health of their crops more efficiently.”