Biomaterial Medical Devices Company TEPHA Buys-Out Royalty Obligation


In Massachusetts, TEPHA Inc. completed a buy-out of its royalty obligation to Metabolix, Inc., its former licensor and parent company. TEPHA develops implantable medical devices based on biomaterials, including a biologic polymer called poly4hydroxybutyrate (P4HB) which is made through a fermentation process. Andrew Joiner, President and CEO of Tepha, told PR Newsire “The buy-out of our royalty obligation in conjunction with Metabolix was financially advantageous for both companies. Specifically for Tepha, the cash flow from our savings will help finance the continued development of our core technology as well as pre-clinical and clinical testing of new applications.” TEPHA plans on using its P4HB-based fibers to expand into collagen, antibiotic coatings and non-woven materials in new markets.