Jump into the future: ABLC NEXT 2016 line-up announced


BD TS ABLCNEXT 070716 smIn Florida, The Digest announced the initial agenda for ABLC NEXT (the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on NextGen Technologies) on November 2-4, 2016 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

The theme of the conference is “Jump into the Future” and the speakers will cover a dizzying array of technologies for advanced nutrition, advanced fuels, advanced chemicals, advanced materials, advanced crops, advanced AgTech, advanced genetics and microbe development. Sustainable, affordable, reliable and increasingly available.

Amazing speakers from early-stage break-outs to major strategics

The ABLC NEXT agenda will be finalized over the summer — but early acceptances have been received from Aemetis, Amyris, Benson Hill Biosystems, Crop Enhancement, Clariant, DMC Limited, DuPont, Evolva, Faegre Baker Daniels, Gen9, Gingko BioWorks, GreenLight Biosciences, Greenyug, ICM, Iowa Economic Development Authority, Kilpatrick Townsend, LanzaTech, Modern Meadow, Muufri, Newlight Technologies, PepsiCo, Renewable Energy Group, San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, S2G Biochemicals, Stern Brothers, Sylvatex, Total and White Dog Labs.

More than half of the speakers have never before appeared on an ABLC stage. More speakers will be announced as the summer unfolds.


The ABLC NEXT 2016 Agenda

The complete agenda is here.

The Drivers: fundamental forces driving innovation now, and where will it take us?

The technological, collaborative, M&A, infrastructure, feedstock, geographic, market, financial, and strategic drivers that will drive R&D agendas and new application development  industry next. What’s now, what’s next?

Strategic sustainability

What are major strategics doing to meet consumer expectations on climate change and sustainability? In partnership with Below50 and the World Council on Sustainable Business Development, ABLC NEXT looks at specific actions at the global, national, state and local level to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of product development, marketing and deployment.

Strategic investment

Where are major strategics placing their active bets in innovation? In this session, the strategic investors themselves describe their R&D agendas, the product pipeline, criteria for investment and investments and results to date — covering direct investment in fuels, chemicals, materials, infrastructure and bioconversion technology.

CO2 Capture and Use

Who’s capturing carbon and how are technologies developing that can affordable transform point-of-source or atmospheric CO2 into advanced foods, fuels, chemicals, and materials?  In this session, we look at CO2 capture from power generation for biomaterials and chemicals, recycling into the fuel system, as well as capture and enhanced use of CO2 emitted during fermentation and bioconversion.

The Crop Revolution

In this session, we showcase companies deploying technologies for yield enhancement. advanced traits, crop protection and precision analytics at every stage in the field — and ranging from microbe development through to grower adoption. What are the strategies for market development, R&D collaboration, and moving from lab to deployment at scale, including international deployment for novel and established crops.

Advanced Fuels and Intermediates

Advanced finished fuels, blendstocks, intermediates and bioconversion technologies including greenfield and bolt-on options. In this session, we look at the development of novel advanced fuels technologies on the diesel and gasoline engine sides for bioconversion including both thermocatalytic, fermentation and emulsification options — and range from novel catalysts to novel bioconversion systems.

Advanced biobased chemicals & materials

What are the lowest-cost, most-efficient platforms under development — fermentation and thermocatalytic — for the deployment of sustainable advanced foods, cosmetics, health & beauty products, fragrances, lubricants, solvents, cleansers, flavorings, packaging, recycled paper products, fabrics, and fibers? In this session, advanced technologists will describe not only their solutions, but their strategies for bringing capital-light projects forward, and leveraging R&D funding through collaboration. Drop-ins, novel chemicals and materials, and platform intermediates will come under the scope.

Advanced Nutrition

No sacrifice of flavor or feel. Low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb — or foods that transformatively go beyond the entire animal-based system for producing milk and meats. In this section of the program, revolutionary new technologies for vegan foods, enhanced production, healthy fats, and sweeteners that go beyond the performance limitations of today and much more.

Strategic collaboration

How do the major strategics — in this era of sprawling transnationals becoming even larger — complete their research agendas through collaboration with early-stage technologies? Major companies discuss their investment in third-party R&D, including cooperative R&D, joint development, joint venturing, licensing, and acquisition.

SynBio Platforms

How is the value chain and R&D process shaping up through collaboration and partnership? In this session, we look at product, microbe and process development with active synbio partners on stage discussing how they fostered their collaboration, who does what, and how new multi-company value chains are transforming the rate and cost of new technology and leveraging a host of advances in Omics, Big Data and robotics.

How does it get financed? Better than Shark Tank, it’s Sherpa Tank.

Multiple sessions will feature a assistive financing expert — the financial Sherpa — who will offer live commentary on how each company on stage can best advance itself towards commercial success. Venture capital, private equity, family offices, contract R&D, collaboration opportunities, Government research and deployment grants, bonds, strategic equity, loan guarantees and more will be options in each session — as we look beyond what is possible and towards what is feasible.

Global Q&A

Both during and after the event, a live global Q&A hosted by the Digest will foster understanding and follow-up both with delegates on the floor and viewers and readers around the world. No opportunity will go unexplored.

Broadcast globally on BioChannel.TV

Selected portions of the conference will be televised globally on BioChannel.TV, and all sessions will be recorded for delegates to review during and after the event. Live new episodes of The New Voices will also be debuted at the event.

The Hot 40 and the Hot Party

The 40 Hottest Early-Stage Companies in the Advanced Bioeconomy will be announced live at ABLC NEXT, and innovation and its practitioners will be celebrated at the Hot Party on November 3rd at the Hotel Nikko.



NextStore — the showcase for the products of the Biobased Revolution — will return to ABLC NEXT. NextStore’s product displays include full technical “how did they make it?” background on the creation of advanced foods, cosmetics, health & beauty items, fragrances, lubricants, solvents, cleansers, flavorings, fuels, packaging, recycled paper products, fabrics, fibers, and much more.


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