ASSOBARI becomes first Brazilian sugarcane group to earn RSB sustainability certification


In Switzerland, ASSOBARI (Associação  dos Fornecedores de Cana da Região de Bariri) became the first organization of sugar cane producers in Brazil to earn the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) certification. The RSB certification is for the production of sugarcane by 62 farmers and approximately 1,860 hectares of sugar cane plantations.

“RSB certification is the recognition that farmers in the Bariri region produce sugarcane in a sustainable manner, in accordance with global standards,” said Acácio Masson Filho, Assobari’s President. “RSB is an important organization to help us access the market for multi-products from sugar cane.”

“Through RSB certification, Assobari farmers were able to implement tools to assess their potential environmental and social impacts and to carry out stakeholder consultations. The certification process also helped Assobari prepare internal procedures for chain of custody and learn how sugar cane producers can be linked to the biomaterials market.”

RSB is recognized by NGOs as the “most comprehensive and ambitious” biomaterials sustainability certification program in the world. As a global coalition that brings together farmers, companies, non-governmental organizations, experts, governments, and inter-governmental agencies concerned with ensuring the sustainability of biomaterials production and processing, RSB provides a holistic approach towards sustainability assurance, covering social, environmental and operational aspects.

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