Castor oil based membrane in new jacket


In France, Picture Organic Clothing introduced a new 20k/20k membrane made from caster oil in their new Harvest Jacket and Bib. The membrane, called Pebax Renew, is a way for the clothing company to reduce fossil fuel use in their products. While all their products must have at least 50% recycled or biobased materials, this new membrane takes it a step further.

“The fight against climate change requires ending our dependence on fossil fuels,” Julien Durant, Picture Co-Founder told SNews. “Using recycled materials from plastic bottles does considerably reduce the impact on the environment, but those plastic bottles are still petroleum-based waste, and therefore not a long-term solution.”

“The technology has been around for a long time, but not used very much in modern-day textile manufacturing,” explains Jeremy Rochette, Picture Co-Founder and Head of Design. “We know that it is just as durable and waterproof/breathable as the petroleum-based membranes on the market. While we’re only introducing it in two products right now, there is real potential for expansion as we continue to work with suppliers.”