Get a smoother beard with hemp-based oils


In Poland, Herbs & Hydro has launched a hemp-based beard oil that will be the first in a line of men’s hemp health and beauty products.

“Hemp has amazing properties in all health and beauty products,” Tomek Gorski, H&H CEO and Founder, tells Hemp Today. “It shouldn’t necessarily be singled out but should be integrated freely into natural products generally. We’re at that moment.”

In addition to oils extracted from hemp, Jim’s Beard Oil includes Abyssinian, sea buckthorn, jojoba, safflower and almond oils.  It sells for 70 Polish zlotys (US$18) with wholesale opportunities available. H&H, which was founded in 2014, plans to launch hemp products for beard and pubic shampoos, mustache wax, lubricants, skin lotions and massage oil.