Terramino Foods uses fungi to make high-protein, plant-based salmon burgers


In California, Terramino Foods announced a $4.25 million seed funding round to develop sustainable protein products that will provide an alternative to meat and seafood. Terramino Foods’ first product is a sustainable and delicious salmon burger that not only looks, smells and tastes like salmon, but also has omega-3 fatty acids and is high in digestible protein, unlike many plant-based meats.

Terramino Foods uses sustainably grown fungi as a source of protein that provides the taste, texture, and nutrition of seafood and meat. And, Terramino Foods products are produced using a method that is significantly more energy and resource efficient than that of conventional meat.

Co-Founders Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon developed Terramino Foods’ prototype at the Alternative Meat Lab at UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. “Our fungi naturally grow in a fibrous texture that feels like meat when you chew it,” said Nixon, the company’s CTO.