Total Corbion launches PLA with high heat resistance


In the Netherlands, polylactic acid producer Total Corbion has launched a stereocomplex PLA reinforced with glass fiber for use in a broad range of industrial applications, including those that require a material to withstand temperatures close to 200°C.

The stereocomplex PLA has long, regularly interlocking polymer chains to enable higher heat resistance than standard PLA. New application possibilities include biobased replacement for PBT and PA glass fiber reinforced products.

“Over the past decades, the benefits of full stereocomplex PLA have been studied by universities and R&D departments on a laboratory scale,” Stefan Barot, Senior Business Director the Asia Pacific, tells Plastics Insight. “Now, Total Corbion PLA is the first company to scale up this technology and make it available for a broad range of industrial applications. The technology enables full stereocomplex morphology not only in the lab environment but also in commercial production facilities”.