In a fast-food debut, White Castle serves Impossible Sliders


In New York, White Castle began serving the Impossible Slider in 140 locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Chicagoland. Making its fast-food debut, the award-winning burger from Impossible Foods will provide a plant-based option for White Castle’s loyal fans, who are dubbed “Cravers” for their insatiable hunger for the irresistible, snack-sized sliders.

“Innovation has been core to everything we’ve done at White Castle since our founding in 1921,” said CEO Lisa Ingram, the fourth-generation family member to lead White Castle. “The fact that we are the first fast-food chain to offer the Impossible Burger to our loyal customers epitomizes our history of being on the ‘bleeding edge’ of a rapidly evolving industry.”

White Castle is known as the progenitor of American fast-food. The Original Slider is considered “the most influential burger of all time.” The company pioneered innovations such as the hamburger bun and the ultra-efficient sandwich assembly line.