BioLumic raises $5 million to enhance more crops with ultraviolet light


In New Zealand, BioLumic, creators of the first ultraviolet crop yield enhancement system, closed $5 million in Series A financing led by AgTech investors Finistere Ventures and Radicle Growth acceleration fund.

BioLumic treats seedlings and seeds with its proprietary ultraviolet light systems that precisely applies UV light treatments that deliver long-term crop benefits including improved crop consistency, increased yield and disease resistance. BioLumic has worked with large-scale produce growers and processors in California and Mexico with yield gains of up to 22 percent.

“We actively invest in data-driven technology startups who are changing the paradigm for sustainable AgTech from around the globe, and BioLumic was an ideal fit for us,” said Arama Kukutai, co-founder and partner, Finistere Ventures. “Using UV treatments to complement traditional chemicals or biologicals, BioLumic will give farmers a new way to enhance crop yield and vigor by activating stronger plant characteristics with the power of light.”