Torque launches new immune cell therapeutics to treat cancer


In Massachusetts, Torque, an immuno-oncology company launched its technology platform to create a new class of immune cell therapeutics to treat cancer, financed with $25 million in Series A capital by Flagship Pioneering.

“The tumor microenvironment shuts down immune cells, protecting tumors from their attack,” said Doug Cole, MD, Lead Director of Torque and Managing Partner of Flagship Pioneering in their press release. “Torque is engineering immune cells with the tools to fight back to overcome this immunosuppression. This directed, precisely controlled approach goes far beyond what can be achieved using either gene editing or genetic engineering alone.”

The company also announced the appointment of Bart Henderson as CEO. Mr. Henderson is a co-founder of Torque who most recently was founder and President of Rhythm, which he established to develop two peptide therapeutics focused on intractable metabolic disorders. Torque also announced the appointment of Ulrik Nielsen, PhD as President and Founder Chairman of the Board.