New non-thermal pasteurization system minimizes microbes without destroying nutrition


In Connecticut, Aurora Products is partnering with Agri-Neo, a food safety technology company that has developed a new non-thermal pasteurization system using an organic liquid solution derived by plants. This system, called Neo-Pure, leaves food “truly raw” with no destructive nutritional impact as is common with pasteurization. Aurora Products will utilize the Neo-Pure system on its full range of nut and seed products, including cashews, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, and flax seeds.

Neo-Pure helps to minimize the risk of pathogens and unwanted microbes in seeds and nuts. Derived from plants, the solution denatures bacterial and fungal cell membranes and DNA on the surface and inside crevices of food, then biodegrades completely into water. Neo-Pure is certified organic to US NOP and Canadian COR standards.