Smart Spraying from Bayer and Bosch makes crop protection more efficient


In Germany, Bayer and Bosch signed a three-year research collaboration agreement to develop Smart Spraying technology to make the application of crop protection products more efficient. The new technology will apply herbicide only to the parts of the field where they are really needed.

Weeds are difficult to identify, especially in the early stages of growth.  Using camera sensors, the new technology continually take pictures of the surface to determine what is growing in the field and then adopts a targeted application technique to spray crop protection agents specifically on weeds.

Bosch’s research work is focusing on highly effective sensor technology, smart analytics and selective spray systems. In its partnership with Bosch, Bayer is contributing the lessons it has learned in the field of Geographical Information Systems, including the development of algorithms that serve as the basis for agronomical decision-making, integrated pest management as well as formulation and application technology.