Takin’ out the oxygen with electro-deoxygenation: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to upgrading bio-oil


The US Department of Energy is supporting a project to demonstrate the techno‐economic feasibility of upgrading biomass derived pyrolysis oil using electro-deoxygenation process. A ceramic membrane that selectively transports oxygen under an applied electric potential is integrated with a fast pyrolysis unit for in-situ removal of oxygen to stabilize bio-oil. Overall, the research team led by Elango Elangovan at Ceramatec and including PNNL and Drexel University aims to move technology from concept stage (TRL 1) to practical, applied R&D at TRL 2-3.

Elango Elangovan and the R&D team prepped these illuminating slides for an overview of the project’s progress and promise given at the 2017 DOE Project Peer Review meeting.