A2 Milk hopes genetics help souring milk sales


In New Zealand, A2 Milk Co. is using genetics to fix souring milk sales by only using genetically tested cows that produce the A2 protein and not the A1 protein that some say cause indigestion. A2 now has distribution deals with Whole Foods Market Inc. and Publix Super Markets Inc. to expand their sales in the U.S.

A2 has increased their milk market share in Australia from 3% in 2012 to 8%, which is impressive considering many countries like the U.S. are seeing a decline in milk consumption and are fighting hard to retain the market share they had in previous years. In fact, many dairy companies literally poured more than 250 million pounds of excess milk into fields and manure pits last year and are expected to dump even more milk this year.

Blake Waltrip, chief executive for the U.S. at A2 Milk Co. told Dow Jones Newswires “Innovation is the only way out,” and that consumers will know quickly if A2 milk works for their indigestion since “Literally within an hour, the consumer knows whether this solves their issue.”