Deep Stabilization: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to fast pyrolysis and bio-oil upgrading


Within the ChemCatBio set of core catalysis projects lies Fast Pyrolysis and Upgrading, which has as its goal “to develop cost competitive biofuels through catalytic stabilization and deoxygenation of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-oil. The near-term DOE goal is advancement of the State of Technology for upgrading FPBO by demonstration of gasoline and diesel blend stocks at a mature modeled price of $3.50/GGE by advancing stabilization catalyst lifetime, leveraging catalyst and process efficiencies, and targeting modelled conversion cost of less than $2.53/GGE, for the nth plant.

Project leaders Alan Zacher of PNNL and Jae-Soon Choi of ORNL prepared this overview of Fast Pyrolysis and Upgrading at the 2017 DOE Project Peer Review meetings — here are the slides from that presentation.