Want to Know When You’ll Develop Alzheimer’s? Genetic Test Can Tell You


In the United Kingdom, researchers can use DNA from blood or saliva to analyze a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve talked about how eating mushrooms can prevent or delay getting Alzheimers, but how about knowing how old you’ll be when you are likely to develop the disease? The test isn’t quite there and scientists admit it still needs to be further tested in mixed populations, but it is pretty close, as their new genetic test was able to predict who would develop Alzheimer’s over the next year with accuracy.

They hope the test can help patients who know they will develop Alzheimer’s soon with an opportunity for them to address it early on. Patients would have a chance to improve their lifestyle and health and possibly try preventative therapy drugs that are being tested out there, in order to have a better prospect of not getting Alzheimer’s since there is no way to reverse it once it starts.