TerrAvio and Servi-Tech Partnership to Offer Clients Improved Aerial Imagery Services


In California, TerrAvio and Servi-Tech, Inc. have partnered to offer more aerial imagery options to growers. TerrAvion takes hundreds of flights a week to take aerial imagery of farms for their growers to use in planning and management of their land, making TerrAvion one of the largest volume providers of agricultural aerial imagery. Servi-Tech has over 1,900 producers covering 1.1 million acres that it provides crop and agronomic consulting services across several states, making it one of the largest agronomic consulting services companies. With the partnership, Servi-Tech clients will now be able to use TerrAvion’s aerial images and integrate it with Servi-Tech’s data portal which will help users gain more land data so they can make better decisions about irrigation, soil, plant health and more.