Used Precision Ag Equipment Becoming More Popular As Affordable Option for Farmers


In Indiana, Used Precision Ag Solutions is seeing a huge increase in farmers looking to buy used precision ag equipment and sees it as a continuously growing market. Used Precision Ag Solutions buys and sells all brands and kinds of used precision ag equipment and suggests that people pull out their old boxes of electronics, even 20 year old monitors, to see how much they are worth. Even if they aren’t worth much, it’s better than letting them sit in storage or throwing them away.

Farmers are looking at the used parts to upgrade some machinery without the expense of a brand new one, such as retrofitting sprayers with a section control system or adding a guidance or steering system to a used tractor. Sounds like a good recycling program benefiting both farmers who are looking for a cost effective upgrade and sellers who can make a buck selling something that was probably sitting in storage.