Spensa Offers Z-Trap to Replace Sticky Tape for Better Pest Management


In Indiana, Spensa Technologies is selling their new Z-Trap 1 device this spring for growers to handle pest management more effectively. The Z-Trap works with Spensa’s current agronomic platform and records and tracks pest data for growers to monitor pests. The old way of hanging sticky tape strips from trees and going into fields to count pests stuck on the tapes to know where pesticide application is needed, is a time consuming process for farmers. Sensa hopes this way of collecting pest management data will help save farmers tons of time and labor.

What makes the Z-trap so magical? It is a box hung on trees like the old fashioned sticky tape, but it has sensors that attract pests and zap them once they touch it, sending a signal and data to the cloud which farmers can access on their smartphone or web browser, saving them from having to go out into the fields to count pests.