AeroFarms Builds New 70,000 Foot Vertical Farm to Expand Salad Business


In New Jersey, AeroFarms built a 36 foot tall indoor farm on a former steel supply company site and now grow baby salad greens like kale, arugula, watercress and more in the 70,000 square feet space. The vertical farm is set up in stacked grow tables in rows 80 feet long. It is expected to be in full operation soon with a goal of shipping out over a thousand tons of vegetables a year. AeroFarms has three other buildings in New Jersey which already have been selling vegetables to local companies’ dining rooms and a few grocery stores.

Unlike regular farming which uses soil and water, or hydroponic farming which uses water, aeroponic farming uses fabric and only a light mist of water and nutrients to grow vegetables. Even better for the environment, aeroponic vertical farming produces no runoff and only uses a fraction of the water that conventional or hydroponic farming uses.