DigestData is brought to you by Nuu Media and its Nuu and Digest brands and teams, in partnership with the National Corn Growers Association, Global Biofuture Solutions and its QuantaVision risk analysis platform, ICF, the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center, and BTG.

The Database in detail

Comprehensive. The database is global in scope — every project ever tracked by the Digest in planning or in operation — more than 900 in total — including biorefineries producing fuels, chemicals, materials, food and feed. And, the database includes specifics on every product in production, or planned.

Detailed. The database brings project information down to the unit of operation level — what kind of equipment is on site, what are the units of the processing technology? DigestData has more in-=depth detail than ever before assembled.

Companies and projects, related. Every stakeholder. Who owns the project, who operates it, who provides feedstock? Who provides service? DigestData relates every company in terms of its roles with every project it is involved in.

Searchable and relational. Just click on any term in any project, or search on any keyword. You not only get comprehensive results, you can surf around by clicking keywords. Want to know every project that offers pilot-scale operations for corn -to-chemicals? Want to know every project that has a distillation column? Every project associated with a given investor? Any project using a given feedstock, or processing technology? DigestData has the detail.

Updated in real-time. Each company and project can have its data updated in real-time via its own private editing links and tools. Change of management, feedstock, expanding the product set? No need to wait even five minutes to share that information with the entire industry via DigestData.

Messaging platform. Want to become a customer or a supplier to any project or company in the DigestDatabase? Just click to post a message as a potential supplier or customer. Project and company contacts can pick up your message and reply in real-time, but all parties maintain contact detail privacy in the DigestDatabase — no emails posted in the wild that will attract spammers. Parties can always exchange contact information and get in touch offline in any way they choose.

How to become a part of DigestData?

Lots of data is available free — courtesy of our partnership with the National Corn Growers Association, through which we are able to make a dataset freely available for you to trial and use.

To use the entire database, you can subscribe either as an organization or as an individual. Organizations get unlimited login privileges for twice the cost of an individual subscription. For a surcharge, individuals and organizations can access the messaging platform to take action on the insights gained using DigestData.

DigestData supports many industry activities

Doing industry analysis, competitive benchmarking, business development or marketing? DigestData will make your work faster, better and more cost-effective.