Kelp straw producer raises $6 million


In Manhattan, edible straw startup Loliware has raised $5.9 million to scale production and further R&D.

Loliware produces straws from kelp, and aims to eventually branch out to other dinnerware items, including cups and utensils. Participants include New York Ventures, Magic Hour, For Good VC, Hatzimemos/Libby, Geekdom Fund, HUmanCo VC, CityRock, Closed Loop Partners, and CEO of Blue Bottle Coffee.

“Our products utilize a super-sustainable supply of seaweed, a supply that is overseen and regulated by local governments,” Founder Chelsea Briganti tells TechCrunch. “In 2020, Loliware will launch the first-ever Algae Sustainability Council (ASC), which allows us to be at the helm of the design of these new global seaweed supply chain systems as well as establishing the oversight, ensuring sustainable practices and equitability.”