Perdue to use biobased foam to package chicken


In Maryland, chicken giant Perdue Farms is beginning to use biodegradable, cornstarch-based foam for e-commerce shipments. Green Cell Foam, produced by Michigan’s KTM Industries, requires 70% less energy and emits 80% less greenhouse gases compared to the incumbent oil-based foams.

The company recently launched an e-commerce site, and each shipment will include a seed packet, reusable tote, and donation to the Arbor Day Foundation large enough to remove 70 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere.

The company has also been working to make its grocery store meat trays recyclable, but is running into the challenge that not all municipalities recycles the material. “We are working with our [packaging] vendors to help bring down the cost of the recyclable material so we can achieve that,” David Zucker, Perdue Farms’ senior vice president of e-commerce and new ventures, tells CNN Business.