Wildflowers eyed as cruelty-free alternative to goose down


In California, vegan textile company PANGAIA has launched a new insulating material for jackets and comforters that is made from wildflowers.

Dubbed FLWRDWN,  PANGAIA says the material is a biodegradable, cruelty-free alternative to duck and geese feathers and took a decade to develop.

The wildflowers—harvested using regenerative agriculture that maintains the habitat and ensures butterflies are not impacted—are mixed with a biopolymer and Aerogel.

The first launch—a large puffer coat featuring recycled polyester—is already sold out.

PANGAIA calls itself a “global collective” of scientists, technologists, and designers developing “bio-engineered materials.” In addition to FLWRDWN, PANGAIA’s portfolio includes recycled cotton athleisure, seaweed T-shirts, and other plant products.