French outwear company introduces luxury castor bean coat


In France, Moncler has introduced a carbon-neutral jacket made from castor beans.

The down jacket includes fabric, lining, buttons and zipper made from castor beans with “quality and technicality” that meets the company’s high standards for outerwear. Castor beans were chose as they do not affect food supply, are grown on marginal land, and require only small amounts of water. The jacket also emits 30% of the CO2 emissions when  compared to conventional, petroleum-derived materials; the company invests in REDD+ certified projects in the Amazon rainforest to offset what emissions remain. Moncler says the launch is a result of the company’s “constant research into innovative solutions with low environmental impact.” The company has previously launched a recycled line of coats.  “Moncler is aware that sustainability is not a final destination, but an ongoing improvement process driven by the constant search for new solutions to shape the future,” the company says in a press statement.

The coat sells for about €1,300 (US$1,444) in store and online.