Full circle: Indian chocolatier launches cocoa husk paper wrappers


In India, zero-waste and sustainable chocolatier Cocoatrait has launched a line of chocolates packaged in cocoa husk paper.

“We assume people product, environment & process sustainability as priority and promote flavor delivery through the use of minimal & natural ingredients,” L Nitin Chordia, director, Cocoatrait tells FnBnews.com. “Our chocolate bars are packed using our cocoa husk paper which is upcycled, plastic and paper free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. This is our contribution towards reducing landfill. We have reduced every possible millimeter of the packaging used, helping us optimize your transport volume and making it more sustainable, reducing carbon footprint and occupying less shelf space at retail stores.”

The biodegradable packaging is available first in Amsterdam.  The company also sources organic cocoa beans from Kerala and uses non-refined  sugar.