Michelin joins biobased adhesive project


In France, tire giant Michelin is part of a $30.9-million project to develop a powerful, biobased adhesive over the next six years. Dubbed the BioImpulse project, Michelin, along several public and private institutions, will develop an adhesive strong enough to be used as bonded joints in boats, aircrafts, machines and vehicles.

The new adhesive will also be free of substances of very high concern, a designation under the EU’s REACH chemical regulatory framework.

Partners include the French Institutes of Technology, Agronomy Research and Applied Sciences and Leadfree.

“With this research project in collaboration with our partners, Michelin is underlining its commitment to the environment, beyond tire manufacturing. We are making available our know-how in the field of sustainable materials to the entire industry,” says Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group.