Make air travel greener by eating your meal tray?


In London, design firm PriestmanGoode has introduced a prototype edible meal tray to cut down on plastic waste from air travel.

The packaging includes a tray made from coffee grounds; a salad box lid produced using banana leaf and algae; a dessert lid made from wafers; a spork made from coconut wood (meant to be reused, not eaten); and seaweed-based capsules for sauce and milk.

The launch is part of PriestmanGoode’s “Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink” project.

“While there is currently no perfect solution, this design proposal aims to encourage suppliers and airlines to rethink the meal service in a more eco-friendly manner, particularly ahead of legislation to ban single-use plastic, which in some countries is proposed for as early as 2021,” Jo Rowan, Associate Strategy Director at PriestmanGoode, says in a press release.

Commercial air travel generates over 5 million tons of waste annually.