Craft with care: Biodegradable glitter launches in UK


In the United Kingdom, glitter company Ronald Britton has launched a biodegradable way to add sparkle using Futamura’s Natureflex bioplastics. Dubbed PURE, Ronald Britton says its glitter biodegrades in nature and addresses concern over microplastics in the environment. Futamura’s NatureFlex films, first produced in 2003, are made from wood pulp.

Ronald Britton’s offerings include glitters for cosmetics, coatings, printing, and crafts.

“Futamura has worked closely with Ronald Britton for some time in the development of optimal grades using NatureFlex technology in their unique biodegradable glitter,” Lucy Cowton, Product & Sustainability Manager at Futamura, tells “In addition to a great product match, our companies share a mutual value for product integrity. It is very important to both Futamura and Ronald Britton that our products have independent accreditation. NatureFlex meets the European standard for industrial composting; EN13432 and is certified home compostable by TÜV Austria OK Compost HOME.”