Seaweed-based unmentionables soon for sale in Irish supermarkets


In Northern Ireland, supermarket chain Lidl will soon sell underpants made from seaweed. Launching August 1st, the underpants are made from SeaCell fiber produced by Florida’s Nanonic.

“We’re excited to stock sustainable underwear made from seaweed! Yes… seaweed!” the chain wrote on its Facebook page, according to RSVP Live.  “Soft, breathable and light, Seacell is an award-winning [fiber] made from renewable resources—seaweed and wood. The [fiber] is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable!”  The environmentally-friendly underwear will start at £4.99 (US$6.18).

Sustainable fashion alternatives are on the rise due to climate change and growing consumer awareness of the industry’s wasteful practices.