North Dakota State University to join CB2 bioplastics university network


North Dakota State University has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant and will become among the university locations for the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2).

NDSU will receive $150,000 up front, with an additional $150,000 provided next year. The funds will be used to the university’s efforts in thermosetting polymer systems and their application to coatings and composites.

CB2 also operates sites at Iowa State University, Washington State University, and the University of Georgia.  “The work these centers are doing is taking the traditional biodegradable products development to the next step,” says CB2 founder and director and NDSU engineering professor David Grewell. “Our researchers are creating methods of building long term sustainable products that are co-products of agricultural processes, woody materials as well as other bio-based feedstocks.” CB2 sites have also developed sustainable air conditioning unit components and seed pots.

“Becoming part of this initiative fits perfectly within our land grant mission,” says Jane Schuh, vice president of research at NDSU. “For over a century, NDSU has delivered important agriculture and technology contributions to the people of our state. Utilizing the raw materials and brainpower of our region, the CB2 site is positioned well to continue driving new innovations for North Dakota and beyond.”