Bringing to market new and innovative cup solutions


In California, the NextGen Circular Business Accelerator is taking selected winning ideas from the Cup Challenge to the next level. For six teams, the accelerator will focus on the unique set of challenges that emerge when introducing more circular solutions into a linear marketplace.

The Accelerator offers selected winners access to a network of experts, business and technical resources, and testing opportunities to ensure that their innovations can successfully scale to serve the needs of the industry. The six teams and will, supported by Closed Loop Partners and Consortium Partners, work with IDEO designers to explore questions around user experience, growth and scale, and global recovery infrastructures.

Accelerate teams include:

  • COLOMBIER: Colombier creates a recyclable and compostable barrier for paperboard cups.
  • FOOTPRINT: Footprint creates cups, lids and straws that are fully formed fiber-based solutions with an aqueous-based coating that is recyclable and compostable.
  • SOLUBLUE: Solublue creates plant-based, food-grade and non-toxic products that biodegrade after use.
  • CupClub: CupClub operates a returnable cup ecosystem, providing a service for drinks. Think bike sharing, but for cups.
  • ReCup: ReCup operates a deposit system for reusable cups. Rent their cup and return it to any participating partner shop. No cleaning of the cup or carrying around required.
  • Revolv: Revolv operates a deposit-based platform for smart, reusable beverage packaging, connecting their cups—and third party products—to Internet of Things technologies.