Reebok sneaker goes vegan at PETA urging


In Boston, Reebok has improved upon is Cotton + Corn sneaker line—already comprised of 75% biobased materials—by committing to stop using leather. The sneaker, launched in August, drew PETA attention because it still used two, small leather elements on the tongue and heel. These will be replaced by cotton, Reebok says.

PETA awarded Reebok with its Innovator for Animals Award as a result, saying the sneaker giant “perfectly demonstrates the superiority of cruelty-free, plant-based technology over leather and other animal-derived materials, and provides trendsetters and activewear enthusiasts alike with sneakers that are durable, light, zero-waste, and, best of all, animal-friendly.”

The shoes, which are comprised of a cotton “upper,” corn-based TPU sole, and castor bean oil insole, are also dye-free. They sell for $80.