Biodegradable cooler launches in time for Earth Day


In California, biodegradable coolers made from molded pulp have shipped to outdoor retailer REI in time for Earth Day.  “Single-use products, like plastic bottles and Styrofoam coolers, should not exist anymore. I’m proud to represent a real game changer,” Rob Machado, celebrity surfer and brand ambassador for the product, tells Action Sports Network.

Manufactured by cooler giant Igloo, the RECOOL cooler is 100% biodegradable but can be reused if desired.

“Those Styrofoam coolers that you see in many liquor stores need to go away, and this new biodegradable cooler will lead to that,” Machado tells ASN. “I’ve spent a good portion of my life on beaches, and I’ve seen all the trash firsthand. People want to take ice, drinks and food to the beach, and this is the perfect product for that.” The coolers cost $9.95 and will hold ice and drinks for up to four people.