Michelle Pfeiffer launches sustainability-focused perfume company


In Hollywood, Michelle Pfeiffer has launched a perfume company that will emphasize ingredient transparency and renewable packaging.

While safer cosmetics have transformed the beauty industry, “the world of fine fragrance is still a black box,” the award-winning actress says.

Dubbed Henry Rose, the direct-to-consumer company is about “safety and sustainability, not vanity.” The company will offer the full ingredient list for each of its five scents. All ingredients have been certified by Cradle to Cradle and the Environmental Working Group. In addition, the packaging consists of glass, soy-based caps, and biodegradable materials.

“There’s been so much misleading language and false promises in the personal care space,” Pfeiffer tells Fast Company. “What does “natural” mean? Anything you want it to, really. Same with clean or organic. So Henry Rose is not about what’s the most natural, clean, or organic. It’s about what’s the most safe.”

Available fragrances include Jake’s House, Dark Is the Night, and Torn.