Edible, seaweed-based packaging now available for sale


In Indonesia, seaweed-based food packaging firm Evoware says its products are now available for sale online.

Edible-grade packaging, which has halal and food safety certifications, dissolves in hot water and can be eaten, discarded, or used as fertilizer. Suggested uses include dry seasoning packets and burger wrapping. Evoware’s biodegradable grades are available for household items like soap. Both can be bought on the company’s website, www.evoware.id.

The company was one of six to win $1 million awards in a recent Ellen MacArthur Foundation and OpenIdeo contest aimed at supporting companies with promising technologies to tackle the global plastic waste epidemic. Evoware cofounder David Christian told Science Times that Indonesia is home to four of the world’s most polluted rivers, which inspired the company’s products.