Atlanta company looks to boost both industrial hemp production and minority farm ownership


In Atlanta, Cultiv8 is encouraging minority-owned farmers to grow hemp for the company to convert into products such as biodegradable food packaging and hempcrete. 

Steven Fance, CEO and CTO of Cultiv8 tells that the company specializes in the growth and harvest of industrial hemp for use in biodegradable food packaging, cbd oil, biofuel, and hempcrete.

“Cultiv8 is dedicated to developing biodegradable alternatives to paper and plastic products in an effort to reduce plastic waste and foster a culture that improves the social, economic and environmental welfare of the world,” Fance tells the online publication. 

Industrial hemp is an attractive crop because it offers low production costs compared to row crops at a time when minority farm ownership is declining. “We are looking for farm and landowners with 25 acres or more, to partner with across the country. Essentially we share net profits with farm owners of ten percent and we provide training, seed and machinery,” he adds. 

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