Sustainable nitrogen-producing microbe for corn reduces need for chemical fertilizer


In California, Pivot Bio was recognized for its transformational work in agriculture, specifically for developing the industry’s first sustainable nitrogen-producing microbe for corn that reduces the need for chemical fertilizer. Their product, called PROVEN, applies nitrogen to corn plants daily helping produce an abundant crop with lower energy use and less pollution than chemical fertilizers. Pivot Bio was named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2019 for their innovation.

Cereal crops require nitrogen daily throughout the growing season, yet much of today’s chemical fertilizer is washed away by heavy rains or volatilizes into the air, turning into pollution instead of feeding the plant. Pivot Bio’s new product to help farmers improve their profitability and sustainability.

Pivot Bio’s PROVEN consistently achieved better ROI and outcomes, including harvesting superior yields – a 7.7 bushel per acre advantage – when compared to relying solely on chemical fertilizer. Nearly 11,000 on-farm and research trials were conducted across multiple states, demonstrating Pivot Bio’s microbes can reduce or replace chemical nitrogen, maximize yield potential and provide a strong return on investment for growers. Pivot Bio’s microbes recorded even stronger performance under these conditions with nearly a 17 bushel per acre average advantage against comparable fields using only chemical nitrogen fertilizer.