Consortium offers one-stop shop for aspiring PLA producers


In France, Futerro, Sulzer and TechnipFMC have partnered on the PLAnet project, an initiative aimed at streamlining the manufacture of polylactic acid bioplastics.

The companies will offer an integrated technology packaging to support new manufacturers interested in producing PLA. Futerro is an established technology provider for lactic acid and lactide production; Sulzer Chemtech is a specialist in separation and mixing technologies in lactic acid and PLA-related related processes; while TechnipFMC is an engineering, procurement, and construction contractor with experience in bioplastics and green chemistries. The companies aim to make their technology a “one-stop shop.”

“The promotion of greener alternatives to traditional plastics needs to be backed by suitable technologies that enable the industry to produce high-quality bioplastics in an efficient manner,” the companies say in a press release. “We can make this possible via the PLAnet™ partnership between Futerro, Sulzer and TechnipFMC by leveraging our world-leading technologies, expertise and skills for the entire PLA value chain.”