Bison-based jacket launched in time for Black Friday


In Pennsylvania, outdoor brand, United By Blue, launched its bison-insulated puffer jacket just in time for the holiday season. The new jacket and vest are insulated with 50% North American bison fiber that is otherwise discarded from the ranching industry and 50% recycled polyester blend. The bison’s shaggy coat consists of a layer of hollow, compactable, resilient hairs that allow them to keep warm and dry in the harshest winter climates. United By Blue has spent the past 5 years creating a supply chain to intercept and harness the power of this natural fiber and diverting it from a landfill. Aside from its warmth capabilities (the jacket is recommended from 0-50°F), B100™ is naturally temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, and lightweight.

Brian Linton, UBB’s Founder & CEO said, “We don’t use duck or goose down at United By Blue for this very reason. Despite progress in traceability, the down industry’s live plucking practices remain too controversial to consider a viable option. We ventured into the world of synthetic insulation, but were never able to find something we could truly stand behind both technically and environmentally. Our only solution was to create something entirely new. Enter B100: Our very own sustainable insulation .”