Novamont launches line of microbead alternatives


In Italy, Novamont has introduced a line of biodegradable microbead alternatives made from its bioplastic.

The product line goes beyond exfoliating functionalities, the company says. The CELUS-BI® FEEL is a texturizing that imparts softness, velvet touch and film-forming capacities in cosmetics and has “excellent sebum control” and high compatibility with active substances, vegetable oils and fragrances. The range also includes the exfoliant CELUS-BI® SPHERA and an emollient, CELUS-BI® ESTERS.

“The solution to the problem of microbeads in cosmetics that CELUS-BI® FEEL and CELUS-BI® SPHERA represent is a concrete demonstration that the integrated supply chain created by Novamont over the years, and which is still evolving, is a rich source of opportunities in many sectors, both upstream and downstream,” says Novamont CEO Catia Bastioli.