Bioactive materials could make hospital-acquired infections a thing of the past


In Finland, the Sami&Samu project is working on biobased materials, surface finishes, and textiles with antimicrobial properties for use in hospitals.

Sami&Samu, a joint effort by VTT Technical University, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Central Finland Health Care District, expects the new materials to be used at Hospital Nova, which is set to open in Finland in 2020.

“Our aim is to make the hospital safer and more environmentally friendly,” says Project Manager and VTT researcher Matti Virkkunen. “The growth and spread of microorganisms can be prevented, for example, by using wood-based materials and bioactive additives. This interdisciplinary development project is based on earlier research and involves testing the most promising materials and substances developed in connection with previous studies.”

Targets include interior design elements, textiles, privacy curtains, and appliances previously made from oil-based materials.

The two year project has a budget of €657,000.  Sponsors and partners include KiiltoClean Oy, Millidyne Oy, Paptic Ltd, Sakupe Oy, Serres Oy, UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Walki Oy, Welmu International Oy and Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy.