Shipping containers converted into London biotech labs


In London, a network of shipping containers is being used as lab space for biotechnology startups.

Dubbed Open Cell, the space is advertised as unconventional workspace for unconventional companies. About 50 “lots” are available for rent.

Current tenants are working on a range of projects, including bioplastics and vegan cosmetics.  One company, Chips Board, is working to convert industrial potato waste into materials for furniture and apparel.  “We came to this space and we fell in love,” Rob Nicoll, Chief Product Officer for Chips Board tells CGTN. “Because they gave us this freedom to do whatever we want with the containers, because the containers they are blank slates, so we’ve turned this one into a materials lab. Some people have office spaces, we have an office space in other container and also the community around in this area is all new bio-based.”